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Covenants Committee

Covenants Committee Charter

The Covenants Committee is the group that reviews all Architectural Change applications for adherence to the HOA Design Guidelines. If an application is within the design guidelines the application is normally approved. It's only necessary to submit changes to the exterior of your home. Remember that many interior modifications - and many exterior modifications as well - require approval and permits from the county, which must be obtained separately from this application process.

Please submit all applications PRIOR to the work being performed. The application can be found under the "Documents" section to the left.

All completed applications are due to the management office by close of business the last day of the month for consideration at the next month’s meeting.  Typically the Covenants Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month.

The status of an application can be checked in one of the following manners:

- Immediate Response - Homeowners are welcome to attend the Covenants Committee meetings. The applications are voted on at the public meetings.
- 48 hours after vote – Contact the property manager via email or by phone and ask. The Committee makes every effort to notify management within the first 24 hours after a meeting with a summary of the decisions.
- Within 7-14 days – A letter reporting the Committee decision will be mailed to each applicant at the address provided on the application. Letters of approval, denial or those with specific approval conditions will be sent by first class mail. Letters of denial will reference specific reasons for the denial and are always subject to appeal. If you do not receive a letter within 14 days, please contact management.
The Covenants Committee generally will meet the 2nd Thursday of each month to review applications.
Please send a "Contact Us" note to the Covenants Committee to confirm date and time of next meeting. 

Application Process:
  • Fill out the application, ensuring you obtain your neighbor's signatures on the application. Neighbor signatures only indicate they are aware of the changes you intend to make, not that they approve them.
  • Send the application, along with photos, drawings or pictures of your design (from a magazine, catalog, etc), plus the description of materials and colors to be used to Cardinal Management Group (address on the "Property Manager" link to the left). This submission can be done by postal mail or electronic mail ONLY. Applications will not be accepted at meetings.
  • Cardinal Management Group will process the application and send it to the Covenants Committee to be reviewed and voted on during their monthly meeting.
  • The Covenants Committee will advise Cardinal Management Group of their decision on the application, and Cardinal Management Group will send a letter to the applicant with that status (approved, disapproved with a reason why, or additional information required).
  • Once the applicant receives the "application approved" notice, either in electronic form from the property manager or postal letter from the property manager, they are clear to begin making their improvements and changes as specified in their application.